Three Fundamental Rules of Divorce Mediation

In order for divorce mediation to be successful typically the following three rules need to be in place: 

  • Only one party speaks at a time.  It is the role of the San Francisco divorce mediator is to facilitate the dialog between the parties.  To this end, only one party is to speak at a time.  The divorce mediator will prompt conversation back and forth between the parties, and make sure everyone’s ideas and points are heard.  If the parties interrupt one another, it is the mediator’s role to stop the process and reaffirm the rule.
  • No personal attacks.   Your San Francisco divorce mediator should direct the parties to focus on issues and not to make personal attacks or digs on the other party.  The mediation process will break down if insults begin, and are allowed to continue.  The mediator should stop the session and redirect the parties if someone begins to engage in personal attacks.  If the person will not stop the insulting behavior, the mediation session should be terminated.
  • Full disclosure.  Full disclosure of all assets and debts is necessary for a mediated divorce agreement to become legally binding.  A San Francisco divorce mediator should advise the parties of this up front, and they should agree in writing to fully disclose all assets and debts. 

If you are considering mediation, please contact Lisa Nelson at SFAM.  Call (650) 556-8880 today for a free consultation to discuss your mediation needs.



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