What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a specialized process facilitated by a neutral divorce mediator to help people resolve any and all issues involved with ending a marriage.  Child custody and parenting issues, as well as marital property and debt division issues may be resolved through divorce mediation.  The agreements reached by the parties in divorce mediation get transferred into the necessary legal documents and filed with the appropriate court.  In California, it is possible for the parties to mediate all of their issues and never have to appear in court.

The Divorce Mediation Process
Your San Francisco area divorce mediator typically begins by explaining the mediation process, laying the ground rules, explaining what important documents the parties should bring to mediation.  Mediation can be viewed as a three-part process.  First, the mediator helps the parties identify whatever issues need to be resolved.  Next each issue is tackled one at a time.   For each issue, the parties are encouraged to brainstorm ideas for resolving the issue.  Finally, after a creative problem solving session produces a variety of options for resolving the conflict, the parties will begin discussing the pros and cons of the various options.  Ultimately the goal is to arrive at solutions that both parties can agree upon.  The process is repeated for each issue that needs to be resolved.

Mediation is a fantastic tool that can be used in all sorts of situations to resolve conflicts.  I personally specialize in divorce mediation because of my extensive divorce law experience.  However, mediation skills are transferable to resolving a variety of high conflict situations from neighborhood disputes to corporate partnership issues.

Contact SFAM today at (650) 556-8880 mediation today for a free initial consultation, and visit www.sf-mediators.com.


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