What Is A Divorce Mediator?

 A key aspect of a successful mediation process is having an experienced, skilled divorce mediator mediating your divorce issues.  The parties in conflict will sit down with a San Francisco area divorce mediator, and the mediator will control the mediation process.  You should not be afraid to ask your San Francisco area divorce mediator about his or her experience and training.

A divorce mediator should be a neutral person who is trained in mediation techniques.  The role of a divorce mediator is to facilitate the mediation process.  The roles of divorce lawyers and divorce mediators differ.  Divorce lawyers advise their clients regarding how to resolve their issues, whereas a divorce mediator’s role is to facilitate the mediation process.

Divorce Lawyers as Mediators
A divorce mediator can also be a divorce lawyer.  The upside to having a divorce mediator, who is also a San Francisco area divorce lawyer is that the mediator then is aware of all the legal issues that needed to be resolved in ending a divorce.  While the role of the mediator is not to advise the parties as to how to resolve their issues, a divorce mediator can provide insight into how the court is likely to address similar issues, or what the parties could expect by going through the court process.

Counselors as Mediators
Non-lawyer mediators can also be very good divorce mediators.  In particular, mediators with counseling backgrounds can be very good mediators.  But you need to ask the questions and understand what background they have that makes them qualified, or experienced to do divorce mediation.  Whether the mediator is a lawyer or non-lawyer, ask for references.

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